Peer Support Code of Conduct

A bespoke Code of conduct was developed by the Committee to allow the NAS CISM Program to preserve both PSWs and its own reputation of integrity and credibility within the HSE/NAS.

  • The Code is to be used as a reference tool for all PSWs.
  • It will be useful in making decisions relating to Peer Supporter work.
  • It will help in identifying acceptable behaviour, making fair minded decisions, and in
    developing a positive culture within and about the Peer Support Program.
  • All trained PSWs since 1998 were contacted and asked to sign up to the Code and return to the Committee for records and development of a PSW National database. To date 132/133 have been returned. In addition those who do not sign up to the Code will not be included on the National database, ensuring all the PSWs in NAS are adhering to an agreed remit of psychological first aid.