NAS CISM Elearning

In 2014, the National Ambulance Service CISM Committee launched the first eLearning module on Critical Incident Stress Awareness Training in collaboration with the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council. This is an innovative approach in learning and allows the user to access the Stress Management learning module in their own time from their own device. As work demands users can stop and start the training or they can complete it outside of work schedules; either way it is a very efficient way to deliver Stress Management and CISM training.

The eLearning training is also interactive and the user engages in the exercises at various different levels during the module. It must be noted that the training module is of a very high quality with cases of real life stories and different examples of how one can access supports. The module is evidence based on research conducted from the CISM Committee over last ten years. Sharon Gallagher, Principal Academic, and Brian Glanville. Clinical Psychologist at the CISM Committee, have been the lead professionals in developing the main content of the eLearning module.
This innovative approach will deliver a practical and high standard of training to all members of the National Ambulance Service at all grades. Sometimes training can be inconsistent, people might miss the training day, even with the best trainers there can be variations in the training, but an organisation can be assured of a particular standard of delivery with this method of eLearning.

If you have not already completed the online CISM course please log in at the following link: all NAS staff who complete the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from PHECC.