National Database of PSW

A detailed national database of all active PSWs was developed in 2016/7, divided per region (West, South, DNL and NEOC); comprising names and contact information for all currently active PSWs. This includes all dates of initial training and refresher training. To date we have 125 trained and active Peer Support workers in the NAS.

In the DNL region 30 are trained in Peer Support with both the Coordinator and Deputy trained in additional Group interventions and Support following an adverse event. The Southern Region has 38 trained and active in the Peer support role, with 4 trained in additional group interventions and 2 in adverse event support. NEOC have 9 trained Peer supporters in total, 5 in Tallaght and 4 in Ballyshannon. Two of the Deputy Coordinators are trained in Group Support interventions and Adverse Event support. The West region have 53 trained in Peer Support and 1 trained in Group Support and Adverse Event supports. The database enables us to ensure the contact details are up to date for all PSWs and enables regions to identify those in need of upskilling/refresher training.